Women In Radio
An empowerment organization for women in the radio business.

Women In Radio Empowerment Organization, Aiding Women To Succeed

An empowernent organization for women in radio, who are shaping the culture. Learn about the company and why Women In Radio was founded. Women In Radio.  Women Radio Talents. Women Radio Broadcasters.


Women In Radio is an organization for the support and advancement of women in the radio industry. Radio is a big and competitive place, but often times it lacks diversity. Women In Radio is a place where women can feel a sense of togetherness.

Since we began this organization in July 2016, our following has grown tremendously. It is great to know that there truly is a need for an organization like us.

We believe in positively uplifting each other and celebrating our wins.

This organization is not only for those who are on air,we include: Programmers, Board Operators,Engineers, Promotions, Sales, Producers, Traffic, Administrative Assistants, Interns,and etc.

There is NO competition here.

We can talk, ask questions, vent, and celebrate women who are doing amazing things.

Women In Radio is a safe place.

We are better when we stick together.





Hey beauty!

Thanks for all your support this past year. Our network of women has grown significantly since we began last summer. It's all thanks to women like you who truly want to see a change in the radio business. 

The movement of Women In Radio started in my head a few years ago. When I graduated from Florida A&M University in 2014. I had no job and no plans. I was working at a wing restaurant by day, and filling out a million applications and sending in a billion air checks to stations all over the country by night. My back was against the wall. I was constantly wishing I had someone to talk to about radio, to critique my air check & resume, or to just shadow in the studio. Despite how lonely I felt at the time, I didn’t give up on my dream.

Since then, I have worked in three markets in Florida and Alabama. 

My personal inbox is always filled with questions from younger women who are inspired by my story, or Women In Radio who just want to vent. I’m always eager to help. 

I want this organization to be for women in radio who may be interns now, but will be radio superstars later.  Or, for the current radio superstars who want to inspire, network, vent, and help the upcoming generation of women in radio.

My only wish, is that Women In Radio can be of service to you.

                                             -Meaghan Taylor | @meagtalks