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Sheila Towns-Yandle: From Receptionist to Risk Taker

            Written By: Maya Perry

Sheila Towns-Yandle is an established media consultant with a good work ethic and solid track record. Sheila explains that she is “great at building trust and successful relationships that results in business owners growing their bottom line. I am a people person, so I knew sales was my niche’.”  Her sales initiative in radio is to create effective media campaigns, solve problems and recommend creative advertising solutions for clients.

Sheila started her career working at an Advertising Agency in Chicago right out of college. She started as a receptionist, then moved into a Sales Assistant position, and later to an Asst. Media Buyer. After progressing to a Print Media Buyer, she encountered a lot of successful sales reps from newspaper and radio stations that became mentors. Sheila decided that she was going to make sales a career and it became her passion.

Sales is one of the most underappreciated,but one of the most valuable assets in radio. When I asked Sheila what advice or tips she could give to upcoming sales people in the industry she stated, “Build rapport wherever you go, know your product like the back of your hand, and remember people will never buy from you if they do not trust you. So be trustworthy and your number one job is to be a problem solver for your customer.”

Sheila has worked in sales for over 15 plus years in multiple locations including Chicago IL, St Louis,MO , Savannah,GA and currently in Greensboro, NC.

She explains that one thing she would tell her younger self before getting into to sales is to “….do not be afraid to go after million dollar companies, do your homework before approaching them.

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