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Veteran radio host and author, Helen Little spoke with us about her career, tips on networking, leaving jobs, and confidence!

Social Media:

Instagram Content Calendar This easy to use guide helps you add content to your Instagram page, which will in turn drive up your engagement and help you gain more followers.

Building A Website on Squarespace For three years we have used Squarespace for our hosting site. It’s easy and definitely needed so you can show off your work and resume. Let us know if you have any questions, or we’ll create one for you (for a fee).


Get Started The basics on how to start a podcast, finding your niche, equipment, and how to get on Apple Podcast.


Media Sales Academy Working in broadcasting doesn’t always involve being in front of the camera. A position in media sales behind the scenes puts you on a path to financial success and career growth.

How To Sell Radio “The key to selling radio ads is to convince your clients that they need them. The best way to do that is to show them the bottom line.”

Knowing Your Audience and Time Slots “Different ads work at different times of day. Your morning and afternoon drive audience is mostly made up of people who are on their way to work and back again.”

How To Overcome Sales RejectionBusiness Owner: “We don’t need advertising word of mouth works just fine for us.” You: “I understand…but with all that word of mouth, you can’t control what is said, or by whom. With our station, you know EXACTLY what is being said, when it is said, and who says it.”


Four Ways to Maximize Your Talk Break To create engaging breaks, radio should focus on timely tidbits, local happenings, and reveal themselves 

Tips To Be A Great Radio Talent Top 20 ways to be a great radio presenter to improve relationships with your audience and your team to sound great on the radio.

Develop Your Voice For Radio Vocal training means sounding less like an announcer and more like your natural self.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet Entertainment prep for your on-air shift.

Free Show Prep Service Folger Media offers Prep Links for your show.

Aircheck Review Women In Radio Beauty, Delyte, will review your air-check and give you valuable feedback. She has over 15 years of radio and voice-over experience. *You have to reach out to her on your own and a small fee is charged.


The Balancing Act of Radio Promotions While radio promotions themselves may only last a short while on-air, the planning and thought process behind them takes a lot of time. It requires creativity and thinking outside the box.

Promotion Ideas For Your Station Stations are now seeing that promotions can engage listeners without always needing to incorporate a prize.

How To Run A Radio Station Real radio has an enormous advantage as the most local of all media. In the great sea of media offerings, local radio stands out. It celebrates our towns and reminds us of our shared identity.

Broadcast Leadership Training The NAB Leadership Foundation offers fellowship opportunities to women and people of color.

Management Development Seminar Whether you need to refresh your managerial skills or increase your managerial effectiveness, the Management Development Seminar (MDS) gives you the tools to broaden your expertise and enhance your value.