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Why You Shouldn't Let Rejection Get In Your Head


It's not an easy topic to talk about, because let's face it, who wants to think about not being wanted and looked over. But let's be real, rejection happens. And it will happen to every single one of us in our lifetime. Sometimes more than once. Rejection can come from people, jobs, expectations, and more.

However, it's how you handle rejection that sets the tone for what's next in your life.

Dealing with rejection can make the most humble of us uneasy, especially when you work in a creative industry. It's upsetting to hear that you or your work is not good enough. I think rejection may be one of the top 'dream killers' of creatives.

But you have to understand that 'No' isn't always definite, and could mean not right now.

You need to rewire the way you think and keep your optimism high. Just because someone does not see your vision or understand your talent, doesn't mean others will feel the same. Shop your talent around. Build your own platform. Do what you have to do. Just don't give up on a dream or goal you have.

Personally, I'm a firm believer in what's meant for me, will be. Having a mindset like that gives me peace especially when I know I worked as hard as I could on a project.

You have to learn to handle rejection in stride. You can be upset for a minute, but don't become so discouraged that you quit. I'm sure we all know someone who is super talented, but got rejected one too many times and gave up on themselves all together. Don't become that person. 

What you want is going to come to you, and when it does, you'll feel foolish for almost letting rejection stop you.

Be encouraged.

Meaghan Taylor