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Birthday Lessons: 25 Life Tips

It's been a whirlwind of a year. I turn 26 in less than five days. I'm truly excited for my birthday. So, I thought it would be great to end my final days as a 25 year-old with some tips to get you through life. Cheers to an even more prosperous year!

1. Don't be a doormat. Relationships on a personal or business level are not easy to maintain,they take work. All relationships are give and take, and that's totally fine. Just don't allow people who just "take, take" to interrupt your space. That's toxic and even debilitating

2. Save your money. It's okay if you can't take that trip, attend that party, or go out to dinner because you're saving for something bigger and better. Don't allow people to make you feel inferior when it comes to money either. Invest in a business or a house.

3. There's always more to learn. You should never want to be the smartest woman in the room. I want to be around people who can teach me new things. I'm always hungry to learn something new when it comes to business, web design and social media marketing. Find out what type of subjects you like, and learn more about them.

4. If you allow it, love is absolutely amazing. I got engaged this year to my best friend and it was one of the happiest days of my life. I honestly never thought I would be getting married. After all the crazy relationships in the past, I was like 'woah is anyone ever going to just love me?' I was so closed off, but once I allowed someone in, I felt how  amazing love is.

5. Water, water, water! Water is important. I've become such a big water drinker over the years. I get offended when people say they hate water. What they probably don't know, is that water cures a lot of things & helps with the functioning of our body - DON'T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.

6. People come and go. It's life. It happens. Some friendships are not meant to last. As soon as you feel those signs, let it go. It doesn't have to end dramatically - this is not reality television.

7. If you commit to it, you can lose weight in a healthy and safe way. Since graduating college, I packed on a lot of pounds. For my birthday, I wanted to lose weight. So for the month of June I took on the challenge. I'm happy to say, that I'm 5 pounds shy of my goal weight. Weight loss takes consistency and an "I can do it" attitude. 

8. Patience. It's hard to be patient in the social media world. You see everyone living a great life. However, you must always remember, " what's for you, is for you". Nobody can stop your destiny.

9. Be the person you needed when you were growing up. Genuine mentorship is dope! You never know how helping someone can change their life & views on things. Don't be stingy with the guidance.

10. YOU CAN'T CHANGE PEOPLE. I put that in all caps because it's important. Don't ever waste your time on trying to change someone. Put that time into bettering yourself.

11. Be conscious of what you put into your body. I'm not a health guru. But there's a lot of things in food, (fried/junk food), that are killing you RIGHT NOW. People don't just wake up at 75 and have a heart attack, that heart attack stems from what they were eating at 25 and on.

12. If you love what you do, you won't ever mind the work. I LOVE radio. I've been an assistant to an owner and an assistant program director. It didn't matter what title I had, I always did my best. People can tell when you're genuinely trying and they will always look out for you.

13. Space is okay. Being alone is good for your soul. I'm sure many of us have been at a place in life where you just need time to yourself. It's okay to take time to just clear your head and focus on you for a second.

14.Family matters! Your family is all you have. Treat them like it. Love them even when they've hurt you. Take time to talk to them, especially the older members of your family. 

15. Treat people how you want to be treated. A pretty 'kindergarten' rule, but you'd be surprised how many people don't follow this. Be a good person.

16. Take a nap, it's okay. I've never been on the "No sleep" movement. Sleep is important and midday naps are,too. If I'm not feeling as energized as I need to be, then there's a chance my work won't be as good. I'd rather take a nap, recharge, and get back to doing my best work.

17. STOP worrying about things you cannot change. Stop spending so much time worrying about insignificant things and people that you don't live your best life.

18. Be mindful who you talk to about your problems. Some people like to see that you're having them, others like to tell everyone, and only a few actually care. 

19. If you don't like where you are or where you're working, MOVE you are not a tree. Of course it's always best to have another job lined up, but if it's too much - just leave. Don't let anything cost your peace.

20. Love yourself unconditionally and forgive yourself and others for what may have happened in the past. You are beautiful and one of a kind, so be nice to yourself.

21. Pick up a book, and if you're a better listener than reader -get an audiobook. Sometimes you need to tap out of the real world and enter a fictional world.

22. Treat yourself! I know that's a very trendy quote right now, but it's needed. Buy yourself that purse or pedicure. 

23. CRY! It's okay to cry. Sometimes, crying can make you feel a lot better because those emotions just need to get OUT of your body! Stop holding stuff in and then wondering why the slightest issue made you blow up.

24.Be very clear about what you want in life. Set some goals, write them down and live up to them. 

25. Have fun. Don't ever take life too seriously, you're not getting out alive anyways ;)

Meaghan Taylor