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The Women In Radio blog was started to help us cover topics that were too big to discuss on social media. Our mission of Women In Radio is to help and that's what the blog does. We write about the radio business culture, radio politics, radio listeners, and how we handle being a woman in radio.

Cheers To One Year!

If I could individually hug you, I most certainly would. If you're reading this you're obviously a supporter of Women In Radio - and for that, I say " Thank you."

The first 365 days of Women In Radio have been some of the most amazing days of my life. The idea of this company started in my head years ago, but I was too afraid to make a move on it.

One day last year I thought, if not me, then who?

That question to myself got the ball rolling.

I have not been in radio as long as others, but I knew there was something I could contribute to this business. I wanted a stronger connection between the women, which could lead to a stronger radio business. There were actions and behaviors I saw in the workplace, that I didn't like. Instead of dwelling on it, why not change it? 

Fast forward to a year later, we are over 2000 women strong. How amazing is that? We help women in radio with any questions they may have and are a support group to keep women going.

Women In Radio is truly a community like no other.

The women who are apart of the group and the men who support us are all worth it. My brand ambassadors are incredible, and go above and beyond.

Our inaugural dinner in Miami a few months ago was just the start of all the amazing events and initiatives we have planned. 

The goal is to keep growing, leading, and inspiring women so they can do the same to other women in radio.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the support - it's what keeps this company moving in a positive direction. 



Meaghan Taylor

Meaghan Taylor