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The Art of Motivation: Reclaiming Your Hustle!

It's the first day of August, we're four months away from a new year. Exciting, right? If you answered no, it's because you haven't been maximizing your days. I bet those New Year's resolutions got thrown out the window a long time ago.

So, what is stopping you from getting the most out of this year? Probably yourself combined with a lack of motivation. Which is why, you need to become your own motivation.

Do you really want to be in the same spot as you were last year or the year before? No!

Life is about leveling up and excelling. If you want to reach higher heights, chances are you have to change your mindset. Your lack of motivation is only holding you back from living your best life. 

There's people out here who don't even have the skill set or talent, and they're getting the job you WANT. Why is that? It's because they're consistent, not prideful, and have the drive.

So how do you become like those people? Those people are usually writing their goals consistently and working towards them daily. They find solutions and don't dwell over the problem of not being fully qualified. They network their tails off and form valuable relationships.

You can't even hate on those types of people, because they hustle to get everything they want.

The problem is, when we feel like our resume is solid we forget to bring the hustle (aka motivation). If we combined our resume, talent, and hustle we could be unstoppable, we could be BEYONCE. It's funny, but it's true.

If you're in the process of looking for a job, hustle for 30 days straight. The first seven days perfect your resume, personal website, LinkedIn, and air-check (if applicable). For the following days apply to jobs, e-mail the manager in charge of the department you want to work for. What's the worst thing they can say besides they're not hiring? Join organizations that are in your field of work. Make those connections and prosper.

I always tell myself that everything I want is attainable. I'm sure people look at me crazy, but it's true. If you want something bad enough, you'll find out how to get it. 

Cheers to getting what you want, because you work hard, hustle harder and deserve it even more

Meaghan Taylor