Lori Flowers: Know Your Worth and Ask for What You Want

By: Tyrisha Irwin

Fisk University and Arizona State alumni, Lori Flowers, is currently the Marketing Director for Radio One Atlanta where she oversees the promotional and marketing efforts for their radio stations. She was born in Indianapolis and raised in Phoenix when her father’s job relocated her at a young age to an unfamiliar city where she had to learn to adapt quickly to the world around her. As the only African American in her classes and in school, she had the desire to soar to new limits and become successful regardless of adversities. According to Flowers, “As the only AA in classes and school, I felt that I had to be that much better. I had to make sure I knew my stuff, did my assignments and do well in presentations. As a child, I always felt less than because I looked different, but as I got older, I owned being the only one.”

The Indiana and Arizona hybrid began her career journey as an intern for Sundance Broadcasting working in the Production Department. Although she wanted to work in TV, “the passion was not there” until she began her first position in radio at V-103 in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I fell in love with radio during my first week working there. I think I liked the energy.” To Flowers, the people around her were very talented, funny and got paid to entertain and inform people.

Following her position at V-103 in ATL, she became a Promotions Director in West Palm Beach, FL for a CBS news station and a Clear Channel station as well as a Marketing Director for Radio One cluster.

Despite having a hectic and lively career, it allowed Flowers to build an amazing network. To Flowers’, many interns’ career paths today are completely different than what she experienced in her journey. “In the old days, moving around from one market to another was almost mandatory as there was no way you could work in a large market and be elevated without experience under your belt. Today, things have changed drastically. I have watched interns in top 10 markets, get jobs right away without having to go to a smaller market first.”

When asked if she believed her past molded her into who she is now, Flowers firmly believed that everything she experienced prepared her for where she is. “Every move to a new city I’ve made, every mistake with an event I have made, every encounter I have made has strengthened me to be the woman I am today. Not perfect, but way stronger.”

Flowers advises women who wish to become successful in the industry to “hone their craft and know their stuff. Keep your word and have a solid and consistent work ethic.” Even though Flowers stated she had no regrets in her career, she does wish she had spoke up more in her younger years because she sat in male-dominated rooms where she didn’t say what she wanted to.In fact, she would’ve told “every woman to know their worth and ask for what they want. Speak up!”