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Tisha Raye: Loud and Proud Radio Princess

Written by: Maya Perry

“BOOM!”, TishaRaye is a loud and proud radio princess whose energetic energy lights up the airwaves. TishaRaye states that “I always wanted to be on the radio rocking the mic. I started my radio career with my first internship with a Gospel Radio station at 1340 The Light in Winston-Salem under Anita “Boss Lady” Dean Arnette leadership. Following graduation, I landed another internship with one of my favorite hip hop stations in my area 102 Jamz, where I started off with ShowDownBeatz, DJ J Flex and DJ Lil Vegas.” After co hosting a mix show with ShowDownBeatz for a few years, TishaRaye finally got the chance to be the pilot and control her own show.

Tisha describes her purpose as “…just staying myself and doing what TishaRaye loves to do and that’s being positive, along with learning all the time and having fun with others.” In radio TishaRaye feels like she is there to enjoy herself and host a party with listeners especially the ones that love to BOOM real loud and proud! TishaRaye’s delightful spirit shines through every time she cracks the mic. She is a reliable and determined personality who is always supporting and encouraging fellow women in radio. When asked what advice she would like to share with fellow and aspiring women in radio is “would be to continue to support each other. I would say stay consistent and stay in your lane but make sure you are known! Know that you have a voice and you must be heard but THINK before you speak and react. Also don’t share all your dreams and goals/plans with everyone because believe it or not, everyone is not for you some are just there to take away from you but they can’t take if you don’t give.”

When asked about what she would tell her younger self she explains, “I would look Little TishaRaye in her eyes and I would tell her to keep the FAITH and always TRUST God. I would tell her to stay focused and just because you are hit with 100,000 Nos, it doesn’t mean to give up on it. Understand that there is that one YES right around the corner! I would tell TishaRaye to LIVE because life is too short and living is the way!!! I would share with her that LOVE is a real thing and to make sure she LOVES whatever she put her mind to especially if she is going through hell and high water to get what she wants. Lastly, I would share with little TishaRaye to be a LEADER of her own tribe.”