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Annie Camp: Born into it, Its in her blood.

By: Maya Perry

Annie Camp is a multidimensional marketing guru and on air personality who LOVES radio.  I relate to Annie’s story because I too was raised in radio. We related in so many ways and had a basic understanding and desire at a young age to be in radio. Annie explains, “My dad was the Program Director for 104.1 WTQR, so my childhood consisted of meeting tons of people I didn’t know around the area, remotes at random places, and super early mornings with dad on-air as he hosted the morning show. Needless to say, I was bit by the “radio bug.”

She attended school at Forsyth Tech for Radio Broadcasting and Production, scored an internship with 98.7 Simon. After showing her ambition and hard work, she snagged the part time position with them doing production work and some promotional events. 93.1 The Wolf needed someone to fill in on their morning show and she was granted opportunity to fill in. Annie describes how she created her radio name. She states “When I helped out last year on The Wolf’s morning show I went by “Downtown Frankie Brown”. That was fun, but after I got done filling in, I moved to overnights and I wanted to just be me, and having grown up in this market, people know me by that, instead of trying to create someone new it’s easier to associate with a person you’ve always known. So Annie Camp it was!”

Annie defines her brand as just her, she’s not some “persona”. “I live where listeners live, eat where they eat, and drink beer in the same hole-in-the-wall places that they do. I’m not sure if I’ve found my purpose just yet, but I want to be a friend to everyone I meet. I want people to know that the folks from The Wolf aren’t “untouchable”, we are average Joes who luckily got a seat in front a mic. If I could hug or shake everyone’s hands that hang out with us every day through their radios, I would. I’m pretty determined to do so too, we are on the streets 5 to 6 days a week. If I’m the only person that these people get to see from the station I want them to walk away saying Wow, she made me feel right at home.”

Annie is currently the full time Promotions Director and covers overnights full time, Midnight-5am for 93.1 the Wolf . Annie concludes our conversation by leaving a gem for other aspiring women in radio to just “DO IT. Make moves, make yourself known to the big dogs, and make noise. Be you 100%, and never try to hide that to appease anyone else. People are going to love you for YOU. If they don’t, screw ‘em. Also, work on your handshake. Firm, assertive, and an excellent grip- it shows people you’re not afraid to take control.”