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Britt Rose: A Little Extra, But Always Herself!

Written by: Maya Perry

Britt Rose is a syndicated Radio Personality for Rock 2.0&Classic Rock X for Westwood One and afternoon personality for Jet 100.7 & Nash 102.7 at Cumulus Media. 

Her love of tv/entertainment had a big part in her start and choice of on air name. She explains, “Funny Story! A group of my friends and I used to come home after school every day and watch That 70's show. On the show, one of the characters, Donna, was a radio personality. I thought it was cool, and I've loved it ever since I got into it. I chose the name "Britt Rose" because I LOVE the movie Titanic. So, I wanted to be named after Rose from Titanic. In radio school, I went by the name "Halen Rose" for a while. But then I realized I wanted my real name in it too.” 

All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies. Britt Rose explains, “My brand is to always be yourself. I have always been a little strange, thought outside of the box, and super extra. It's just who I am. I want other people to know they should always be who they are. It is freedom to be yourself fully. I love how my faith in God has allowed me to be someone who has a purpose in life, and a purpose in radio. It's those times that you don't realize you are saying something that could really help someone, relating to the listener emotionally, or just being relatable when they feel alone. Radio is important. It reminds us we are not alone.”

When asked what she would tell her younger self or other inspiring women in radio, she states, “I’m 25, so if I could even go back to when I was 16, I would have focused more on things that get you ahead in life. I wouldn't have partied as much and been so concerned about my social life. I would have focused more on school. I would have trusted in God more that things would end up working out. When you are young, just remember that it seems like you have forever, but you don't. You don't realize how much time you've wasted until you've wasted it. But, I'm proud of myself. I just wanted to point out things that you should focus on. The things that are actually important. Get ahead in life. It will help you tremendously to be focused at a young age. DREAM BIG. The sky is the limit. You are only limited by your mind. If you think you can be the next big thing in the radio world, YOU CAN. It's not just for the lucky. Its faith and belief in what you are doing and who you are. If you don't feel confident, fake it until you make it. Nobody knows the difference. After faking it, you actually WILL be confident. Also, patience has been tough for me. BUT, it is required for the dream. Sometimes it's that very moment that you want to give up that you push yourself, and something great happens for you soon after. NEVER GIVE UP. Keep chasing the dream that is in your heart. Don't let the naysayers get in your way. Pray. Believe. Push. Pursue. Don't give up.”