Ally Lynn: The Sky Is The Limit

Written by: Sunshine

The road to success is not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it. For this radio personality, her rocky journey gave her the drive to make all her dreams come true.

Alexandria Washington, better known as “Ally Lynn”, is an energetic, outgoing witty radio host and television personality from Little Rock, Arkansas.

Ally’s journey began when she was a student at the University of Alabama. Like many incoming students, Ally was excited about being away from home and enjoying freedom that she let her grades slip causing her to be put on academic probation with a 0.67 GPA.

With the push from a great friend named Laqula Walker, Ally was able to increase her GPA by taking over 20 credit hours per semester and working numerous hours at an ice cream shop at night.

Her friend knew that there was so much more to her, so she urged Ally to try doing radio on campus. Although she never intended on doing radio, it was then that Ally found her calling.

After graduating college in 2013, she moved back home and held down a full time job at Dillard’s and began her professional radio career working for free at Streetz 101.1. From there, she worked for Power 92 Jamz, then became a school teacher and social media reporter for a local news station. From there, she garnered the attention from Harvey at TMZ and was a reporter in Los Angeles. 

After her grandmother’s passing, she then took her talents to Birmingham with New York, where she worked at 95.7 Jamzand it was after a few months there that she was discovered on Instagram by, her now mentor, Ms. Mary K.

Mary K offered Ally a job at 92.7 the Block in Charlotte - she accepted and it was full speed ahead. Ally says she owes a lot of her success to Mary K because she was always willing to help Ally reach the next level. “She never held back, she always helped me, “Ally stated.

In addition to her fruitful radio career, Ally also expanded her brand by making regular appearances on Fox 46 where she served a daily dose of entertainment news during the 8 a.m. morning newscast.

After working for in Charlotte for 7 short months, she was promoted within to Radio One at 107.5 in Detroit, MI.

Throughout her 10-year journey on the radio, Ally has always made it a point to stay true to herself. Since she started, she’s always had a positive spirit that keeps her going even until today.

In an ever changing industry like radio, Ally is sure to remain confident within herself and not let others alter her focus. She’s rebranded herself from Ally The Pub to Ally Lynn to welcome the creative space she’s in with media overall. 

“The competition isn’t the next person, the competition is you,” Ally expressed.

After recently saying her goodbyes to Detroit, Ally is now in the process of working on a syndicated show, which launched August 1 on 105.1 The Block (WALJ-Tuscaloosa) with Townsquare Media on Monday - Friday from 12-6pm.

Adding to her diverse portfolio, she will be launching her own show, The Playhouse, in the United Kingdom through her deal with Radio X. Ally can be heard Monday through Friday beginning August 12 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in London and Manchester alongside her partner in crime mixshow dj, DJ Glory.

And she’s not stopping there, on September15th Ally will premiere her new digital podcast,”At The Table” on YouTube!

She’s very excited about what God has in store for her for the remainder of the year and reminds women in radio to stay the course and “trust the process.”

For Ally, the sky is truly the limit!