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Livin' La Loca

BY: @DJCEDESO 1/25/17

Tell me about your first break into the radio industry, how old were you?

I was 25 yo in Tampa Fl as an intern on 933 FLZ for the MJ Morning Show. I spoke on air and even got my teeth fixed thanks to a radio bit. But my 1st on air gig was on WMNF in Tampa for the Saturday Night Shutdown.

Did you go by the name La Loca?

As the intern I went by my legal name of Sharon Montero. I didn’t get La Loca till Tony Montana cracked the mic on my 1st day on Saturday Night Shutdown.

What station?

933 FLZ & WMNF

What drew you to the radio industry?

Like any Jersey Latina, it was a mix of La Mega and Hot 97. But what opened me up was Angie Martinez & Wendy Williams, two powerful women who said what they wanted and showed me that I can do it, too.

Tell me about the creation of La Loca and Its La Loca TV?

The creation was organic, I feel because it’s who I am. I grew up being told I was crazy because I was different. I know crazy has a negative tone to it now days - crazy is different and we are all different. I’m just comfortable in my skin and I own it. ItsLaLocaTV came to be from wanting people to see that being crazy is not a bad thing. I was told I was crazy because I had a dream that I wasn’t going to give up on.

As of right now, I know you currently are the midday host at Radio 103.9 and worked for Orlando’s Power 95.3 as weekend host, nights at Tampa’s 95.7 The Beat, afternoons at Orlando’s 102 Jamz, and nights again at Tampa’s Wild 94.1. You’re from Boston, Mass. What drew you to Florida?

 Let’s correct one thing I was born in Boston and I rep it till the day I die but Jersey (Perth Amboy) is where I was raised and I love sooo much. Florida came into the picture because my dad was diagnosed with cancer and he decided to move there with my mom and brother. I never wanted to move there but I knew that if I wanted to do radio in NYC I had to move to a smaller market and I thought Tampa was small. Boyeee I was mistaken because Tampa is not small at all, Tampa is big and it allowed me to birth La Loca and I will forever LOVE Tampa FL. Tampa taught me the good, bad and ugly of this business. I LOVE YOU TAMPA!!!

What other stations have you worked at? What did you learn while working at those stations?

The only station you missed above was WMNF a community station. I learned to enjoy the ride and your listeners. Be real to you are and never ever give up. As a woman, you will be treated like shit and disrespected but don’t ever let that define your career. You will get jobs, lose jobs but you need to keep going. What God has for you it will be yours.

What awards or accolades have you won as a radio host?

 No awards right yet, keyword yet.  But to be honest awards don’t do anything for me because a lot of them is paid for. I rather have listeners tell me they love what I do because when you’re getting broken apart by your PD that award is not going to make me feel better.

 What is your most memorable moment on air or interview? Why?

Most memorable was my 1st time cracking the mic and hearing my voice over the air on 933 FLZ. Till that moment, it was a dream and at that moment it was reality even though I was an intern I was on my way up.

What is the funniest and worst thing that has happened on air?

The funniest moment, was during an interview with another DJ and I said I love big d***s. I almost lost my job. The worst moment, was when I cursed on the air (I said m****f*****) and quickly lost my job.

Compare radio to when you started and now?

 Radio is the same to be honest, because I came on the scene during PPM so I didn’t have the pleasure of life before the devil ppm. One thing I have to say is the location has changed my experience because in FL they are able to do more with the community and in NYC you have union stuff preventing you from that. People in the #1 market are comfortable because they are protected by the union and they don’t have to fight like we did in FL. Or better yet they are in a better situation then me now due to my signal. I still have that FL hunger because I’m fighting to keep my dream alive.

Were there fewer women on air?

Women are important and we are there but the question you should ask is if do we get paid the same or more than our male counterpart. We work harder and do more and get 20% of what a man makes.

Can you tell us any other projects you are working on?

Nothing special right now. Just enjoying my new ride at Radio 103.9 NY

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself as a PD and travel host.

What is your advice for women who want to work in the radio industry?

Slow and steady win the race. Know who you are and live in it. Also find your God and ask him/her for strength because you going to need it.

What do you want your legacy to be?

 I never took no or a loss of job as my end all be all.

 Who are your inspired by in the radio industry?

 Right now? God and myself because I’m still going after my dream because he strengthens me. So many times, I hear people say I would have given up if I went thru what you did in radio and I didn’t I kept going.

You have experience in the television industry. You’ve worked for MTV, BET, and NBC. Will your big personality return to the big screen?

If God allows it, I will. During my mini break from Radio 103.9 NY I dabbled in tv doing extra work on Orange Is The New Black, Law And Order and more. So yeah my bad that is a project I’m on. This year look for me I’m one of the inmates walking around

You represent your ethnicity to the fullest on air. I appreciate you so much for that! What are the negative aspects of being an on-air Latina radio host?

 Wow being told that I shouldn’t be doing R&B because I’m Latina, that if they tuning into a “black” station they should hear a black woman. Followed by I should be on La Mega or something like that.

16. How can we keep up with you on social media?

@Itslaloca on IG and Twitter, Sharon Montero on FB along with Itslaloca, Imjustplayingdressup on Sname and Itslalocatv on Youtube.

Meaghan Taylor