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I Quit My Job After 6 Months, Here's Why

I resigned from my job a few weeks ago after being there for 6 months. Yes, just 6 months. Yet, 6 months felt like a life sentence when you're somewhere you don't like. 

I knew from the first week that I got there, that this wasn't the place for me, and not in some weird "I'm a millennial and entitled to feel comfortable everywhere I go" sense. Mostly in the "something doesn't feel right intuitively" sense.

But, what's a girl to do when she moved 13 driving hours from home to work at a full-time job that was paying better, had an office, and an actual title.

Stay is what most people told me to do. "Suck it up and toughen it out", they said. 

I tried making friends, joined organizations, went places around town, and even convinced myself that this could be the place for me to 'grow'. 

Deep down inside I couldn't lie to myself anymore and I had to shut 'they' out.

The truth is, nobody tells you what to do when you're in the career field that you want, but at a job you hate. 

It's the oddest feeling in the world. You feel so selfish because there's thousands of people who want to be in your field because it looks 'glamorous'. Yet, you get a shot to advance your career and you let it go because of an emotion? 

So what do you do? What do you choose?

I chose happiness and it has been the most freeing thing I've ever done. 

I stopped living for other people and looking for their acceptance on my decisions. Trust me, it's much easier to say than do. It only took me 25 and a half years to do it. 

Am I a quitter? Technically, yes. I quit my job. But do I feel that way? No. I feel stronger, wiser, and more 'gutsy'. It's the feeling of satisfaction you get when you finally put yourself and your feelings first.

I don't go around encouraging people to quit their jobs. It takes a lot of self-evaluation.

Will I do radio again? Yes, of course. I love radio. I'm on the hunt for a job right now. The only difference is this time, I'll be careful. 

We're not always going to love our jobs, but I want to at least like my job & the place I'm working in.



With love.

Meaghan Taylor