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Sorry, I Can't Hear You Over Your Excuses

I’m sure you’ve heard of a love letter, but today’s blog post is more of a love rant. It’s a rant wanting you to do better out of L-O-V-E. I truly want to see us all win!

If I had a dollar for every time someone e-mailed me with an excuse, I would be a millionaire. I would probably retire to some secluded island, live in my pajamas, and do radio from the comfort of my own home. LOL.

But seriously, if you looked at my personal and business social media messages and e-mails you would get tired.

First things first, I like helping people. But, I LOVE helping people who help themselves,more.

It is so easy for me to weed out who doesn’t really want to be in this industry by the excuses they come up with in person and online.

I’ll break it down for you.

It’s easy to sit around, twiddle your thumbs, and talk about all the problems you have - like nobody wanting to hire you. But, when you get done talking, the problems and your excuses are still there. Which means, you spent an awful lot of time doing nothing and you know I hate wasting time. You have to learn how to help yourself first,work through the problems ,and then seek guidance.

At the Radio Show conference in Austin this year, there was a speaker who taught us the “5 Whys” technique. You can solve ANY problem by asking yourself WHY at least five times.

Problem: I’m graduating in December and don’t have a job lined up.

Why? Because I keep applying and nobody hits me back with an offer.

Why? Because I don’t have enough experience.

Why? Because I didn’t do an internship.

Why? Because I thought being on my college radio station was enough.

Why? Because I didn’t listen and thought my talent would hold me.

At the end of the question technique, I call it the ‘AHA’ Moment, where you will realize that most of our problems are self-made, and could have been avoided. However, don't be discouraged, once you get to the root of your problem (usually yourself), you can fix it. The technique isn't meant for you to beat yourself up, it's meant to fix yourself- if you put the right amount of work in.

It’s very important to note, when you e-mail someone with a problem you’re facing, it shouldn’t feel like they are talking you off a ledge. You should believe in yourself and your talents so much, it should leave them wondering how come nobody is really hiring you for that internship or job. You should also, only be seeking their advice because they are knowledgeable and can offer a fresh perspective, not because you want them to hire you, or pass your work on to their colleagues.

This week alone, I received a text, DM, and a phone call from three women who have been following my blogs and have been using the 'gems' in them in their everyday lives. Two of them now have amazing new jobs, and one is headed to an interview this week (good luck!).

I don’t claim to know everything and never will, but I do know how to put in work to get the things that I want. I said last week in an Instagram post, “The word ‘no’ doesn’t exist in my head and closed doors only mean I need to get a little more creative.

So, cheers to conquering all your goals this week and beyond!

P.S – E-mail me your questions, I’m here to help you work through them! Info@womeninradio.org

Meaghan Taylor