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Cheers to New Seasons and Good Change!

I get inspired by the small things, like new seasons and new months. I guess that's why I'm super excited about the month of October. It is the beginning of the last quarter in the year, Fall season, and the weather touches under 70 (sometimes, I live in South Florida). 

October brings around a lot of change. But, what I really want to touch on this week, is personal change and devploment. I ran across a quote the other night while on Pinterest, that said:

"Who do you want to be? We all change, so pretending otherwise is silly. Think about who you hope to grow into. That desire is as important as who you are currently, to set your intention and inform the steps you'll take now to get there."

It made me think about how we're all adults and some of us are in our careers and making things happen, but it's never too late to change our ways. I think a lot of people become weary of change when it comes to personal development.

It's never too late to become a better version of yourself. 

Personally, when I decided to start this organization, I knew it would make me change a lot within myself - and it has. Being a business owner requires a lot from you, when it comes to time management, customer service, and providing content. I couldn't afford to be lazy or half-a** anything, because I knew you were expecting a lot from me.

I see myself as a successful business owner, and that has changed me tremendously. I had to put my pride to the side numerous times and ask for help and advice. I've also learned that everything doesn't require a response, especially when it's not going to benefit me or the organization in the long run.

At this very moment who are you and what areas would you like to see yourself improve in for the future? We’ll never reach perfection, but we can always work on ourselves.

There are habits that we all have in our daily lives that need to be changed. Maybe, you're not a morning person and you snap at people easily if it's before 10AM or maybe you’re late to every meeting, even when you schedule it yourself. These negative habits are affecting the way people see you and choose to work with you in the future.

So, this October, just as the season is changing, turn over a new leaf in your life. Pick one negative habit that you have and work on fixing it for the remainder of the month. After all, it takes 21 days to break a habit, so it looks like you have plenty of time!

Over the last month, I’ve been reading Lori Flower’s “A Seat At The Table: A Survival Guide For Women In Business” it’s a short read, but packed with power and worksheets for personal development.

I know a lot of you said that you would love to see a Women In Radio Book Club. So,we will begin the book club November 15th, 2017 which will give you time to purchase the book. 

You can purchase the book here.

“Lori Flowers is a seasoned marketing professional with close to 20 years of experience working in radio. She is currently the Marketing Director for Radio One Atlanta, where she oversees the marketing and promotional efforts for the Atlanta radio stations”

Meaghan Taylor