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How To Brand Yourself Without Losing Yourself!

It's 2017! We're in the social media and digital age. You can really be anybody you want to be ( i.e MTV's show "Catfish") but why do all that, when people can fall in love with the real YOU.

Here's how to brand yourself on social media without losing your authenticity.

1. Find out who you are. Make a list of the things that make you, you! Ask your friends and family what they like about you the most. Maybe you're great at giving advice, or just a good listening ear.

2. Use that list to sell yourself. When we're trying to grow a brand and bigger social media following, we want to work on our assets. It's like selling a car! Find people that like what you've got to offer - but don't ever negotiate who you are.

3. Engage with your followers! Like their post and comment on the things you care about. People can tell when you're being genuine, and when you're being phony - so type on social media like how you talk in real life.

4. Use hashtags! Don't use so many that you look spam-y! Hashtags are great, you can easily click them and find a surplus of people who are talking about that topic or have the same interest.

5. Be consistent with your posting. Don't go more than a few days without posting.

6. Post content that falls in line with your brand. If you're starting out in radio, meet with a few good local artist and do interviews with them and post them. They will then repost and your brand will grow. 

7. If you consider yourself a brand or have a business, your page should NOT be on private. Use the business option on Instagram, and make a 'Page' on Facebook for yourself.

8. Use social media to your advantage! The analytical option on Facebook and Instagram is there for you to use. It breaks down when people who follow you are online the most. Post when they are on.

9. Don't let numbers get to your head. At the end of the day, building a brand is more about quality over quantity. I know people who post good and consistent content with only 2k followers, but their numbers are steadily growing because of it. 

Some of our #womeninradio beauties shared some tips they have for branding:

"Get creative with hashtags. What do you want to brand? Find a place in the social media world, and use it to express yourself." - @amberstone03

" Brainstorm - what uis uniquely YOU? Once you start pinpointing what qualities you bring to the table as a profesional and a person, you will be able to come up with some ideas. Look to other broadcasters abd see what they are doing. Try out what they are doing - with of course your own touch. See what works and evolve. Good luck!' - @jeunessetagram

" Always be true to yourself and true with your followers/listeners! Find unique content that you love and relates to them and focus on that. Connect,respond,ask questions, be engaged." - @gigidiazlive

Meaghan Taylor