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Passion Over Profit

Written By: Maya Harris

I love being an on-air personality. Whether it's behind a mic or in front of a camera, I enjoy the freedom and confidence it provides me. I have the opportunity meet people from all over and hear so many different stories and learn a great deal. I get to sit down after a long day and just let it all out. Talk about therapeutic.

So last night, I was in my Über on my way to studio to host "Come Correct," one of my two weekly shows on Trauma Radio, when my driver asked me if I was still in college.

*Sidebar the studio where I host my shows is located on a college campus*

When I told him I was a recent graduate but my show is aired on campus he got all excited. 

"Oh you're a radio personality?! That's so cool! You must make so much money!"

Woah, slow down my man. Yes, I am a radio personality and yes it's cool AF. HOWEVER I don't make ANY money doing this. I'm part of this station because I love it. I love who I work with. I love being able to inspire others. Yes, I eventually see myself working in the industry so this is the perfect opportunity to get hands on experience in a radio station environment but no bills flood my bank account from this.

His comment made me really think about the difficult choice of passion over profit.

As a creative, I find myself having to compete to have my voice heard and my face seen in the over-populated and microwave society that we live in. With everyone selling something, making something or writing about something how on earth am I supposed to get recognized and make it?

Honestly, while it's good to have a goal of "making it," and "making it" looks different for everyone, just do it because it's satisfying. Do it because you wish not only to utilize the love and commitment you have for your craft, but share it and to inspire others.

Start or continue to speak things into existence. Words hold a lot of weight and if you tell God, Buddha, Mama Universe or whatever you believe in, what you want she/he/it will eventually open up the door for you!

I'm not happy with my current work situation, but I am relieved that I have an outlet like radio at the end of the day. Creating content, interviewing guests and planning for the future of my shows makes a shitty 9-5 a little more manageable. 

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

— Maya Angelou

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