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Amber Stone: Delivers Food For The Soul To Her Listeners

                                                        By Elandra Fernandez



 According to Loretta Young, “a charming woman is a busy woman.” Amber Stone, the Fort Wayne morning show radio host, easily personifies this quote daily.

Amber Stone is the true definition of living your best life. She is extraordinary and is paving the way for other women in the radio industry. A phenomenal woman she is. “I am a huge believer in living your best life. When I’m pouring into myself, I can pour into others.”

Amber was born and raised in the Detroit area. So how did a Detroit area native start living a crazy lifestyle all the way in Las Vegas? Her love for media and getting into the industry led her to one of the most flamboyantly lavish cities in America.

After receiving news that her father was involved in a terrible car accident, and his health was on the decline, she became motivated and knew that she had to turn her dreams into reality. Amber returned back home and attended the Specs Howard Media Arts School. Amber Stone currently lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana and is a morning host on 103.9 Sunny FM, Middays on HOT 107.9, which is a part of Adams Radio Group and also tracks a show on Your 106.3 in Lexington. Her everyday working environment involves getting up early, going to the station to prep her show. When she is done with her morning show she goes to the studio next door, to do her show with HOT 107.9, in between that she does production.

Amber Stone is a passionate woman who is on a mission to empower the world. When asked who has impacted you most in your career, she responded saying, “hands down, the phenomenal women I’m grateful to have connected with over the years. This industry is a male-dominated field, and women are carving their own place.”

Though Amber’s life seems to be fully engulfed with radio, she still finds time for bike riding, fitness, yoga, among many others.

In her earlier stages of life, she wanted to become an actress and take the stage on Broadway. From a young girl, being a star was her dream and now that dream is real, but in the radio industry.

Amber Stone has a great interest in what she does, the reason she continues to strive in the radio industry is because she appreciates having the gift of waking up her city and impacting people’s lives. “So many are fighting battles in life and need a place of comfort. The power of a mic is something I never take for granted.”

Amber is truly a busy woman outside of radio. She has a podcast called “Food for the Soul,” she does events around her city. Her vision is to empower women to openly discuss life situations and emotions that ladies go through in the world.

The advice Amber stone would give people that would like to work in radio is, “Accept criticism and use it to inspire you to be better at your craft. Keep expanding your dreams and leave room for them to change and grow. Keep striving and thriving!”



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