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Krystal Pino: Radio Personality and Then Some

By Elandra Fernandez

Krystal Pino.jpg


If you can think about unique attributes being packed into a radio host, Krystal Pino would be the perfect depiction of that.

After communicating with Pino, it is apparent that she is extremely diverse. When asked how she would describe herself, Pino eagerly responded stating, “I am a very driven person, which also makes me very competitive. I am extremely loyal, I work hard because seeing the plan in your head come to life makes all the extra hours, loss of sleep, and stressful moments so worth it.”

Her interest in radio was illuminated when she read an article about Angie Martinez in a Seventeen magazine at the age of 14, and from that moment Pino knew that a career in radio was something that suited her.

When Pino started her radio career, she worked at 94.3 Kilo in Colorado Springs. Her mom and grandma impacted her the most at the start of her career merely by supporting her when things didn’t seem as promising as she’d like. Now, Krystal Pino hosts her own show called “The Morning Groove with Krystal Pino” at 106.3 the Groove-Tucson's Old School in Tucson, Arizona.

The question was asked “What is one thing about radio that keeps you wanting to do it for a living, Pino said, “The People. There is no better feeling than knowing that you can impact someone with your words, and you have the ability to improve their quality of life in an instant.”

Krystal Pino wears many hats even outside of radio, she does stand-up comedy and a full-time mom. She also has a strong desire to be in politics whether it is locally or nationally.

Krystal Pino has been in the broadcasting world for 16 years and worked in almost every format such as Top 40, Hot AC, AC, Rock, Hip-Hop, Country, and old school. Over time, Pino learned a lot by adapting to each one of the formats which made her step out of her comfort zone.

The advice she would give to people wanting to work in this particular field is, “know your worth. Do not ever compromise your standards for a job. But at the same time, never say NO to an amazing part-time opportunity; it can open many doors.”

Krystal Pino is all for women empowerment. Her ideal working environment is to be surrounded by empowered, intelligent women-whose main focus is to uplift each other and the brand.

“Ladies, when you encounter another woman in this industry, embrace her. We need to remain allies and continue to lift each other up. Empowered women, empower women,” Pino said.