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Corey Dylan: Making Her Own Way


Written By: Alyssa Kay

Someone once said, “Little girls with dreams become women with visions,” Corey Dylan became that woman.

As a child, between moving from city to city and family trips, Dylan spent plenty of time on the road. She took it upon herself to be the one to entertain everyone for the duration of the trip.

“I’m a born entertainer and used to put on a show for my family in the back of the station wagon during family road trips when I was a little girl- complete with commercials for products I made up!” said Dylan.

Dylan began to explore her talent in high school by joining the school’s chorus and also being involved in plays. It was during her time at Washington State University (WSU), where she began to chase her broadcast dreams.

While receiving her degree from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communications at WSU she kicked off her career hosting a radio show at the campus radio station, KUGR, and also earned a spot on a cable comedy sketch show, Live @ 8.  

After graduation, she began her professional career at a Big Band radio station in Bakersfield, California as a daily news reader, and remained there for six months before going back to Seattle, Washington. There she worked overnights at KZOK and produced a morning show.

When KBKS Kiss 106.1 launched, Dylan seized the opportunity to land her first ever live radio show. “ There aren’t many opportunities to go live on the air anymore and gain experience,” said Dylan.

In 2002 Dylan took her career to Tampa, Florida hosting a local morning show and remained there for the majority of her career. Until the summer of 2016 when the station (WMTX) became a syndicated station and ultimately her position was eliminated.

Dylan began to search for other opportunities in the industry and even ways to create her own media business. She's offered social media management, voiceovers, on-camera appearances for HSN, TMZ Live and Daytime, a syndicated show out of WFLA Tampa.

“The best part of my job(s) now is that I’m own boss. I work hard and reap all the benefits of producing great content for my clients. I’m open to relocating for the right gig and the ultimate goal, which would be a primetime show in a major market. Wherever I land I want to continue my work in TV and VO (voiceovers) because being versatile only helps you become a better version of yourself.”


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