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Marissa Lanchak: Never Give Up


          By Elandra Fernandez


There are people who crumble at the face of adversity, and then there are people who look at adversity as an opportunity to make the best of a challenging situation; Marissa Lanchak can easily identify with the latter.

From Waterford, New York but currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts, Lanchak describes herself as passionate, driven and outgoing. With those characteristics she landed a job at the company Beasley Media Group, radio station WKLB/Country 102.5.

What led Marissa to a career in radio is her love for music and entertaining people. Marissa had a couple of jobs that led her to an enormous anxiety problem, she felt like she was downright bullied and questioned herself why she was in radio in the first place.

Despite those obstacles she had to face, she continued to do what she loved. When asked, what’s the best thing about being on the radio she eagerly responded by stating, “interacting with people on a consistent basis. To know people are relating or just enjoying what you’re doing is what makes it so gratifying. They’re the reason this is a job in the first place.”

What would surprise many people that do not know Marissa is that she questions everything she does before she does it. She asks herself, should I do this or say this? Am I doing this right? Will it work? Will it make someone laugh?

Outside of radio, Marissa is an eBay queen, she has the ability to sell just about anything. Not only that, but she writes music, cuddle with her pets (kids) and a huge basketball fan which her favorite team is the Boston Celtics.

The person who impacted Marissa most in her is Terry O’Donnell (PD/WKKF 102.3 Kiss FM Albany.) He allowed her creativity to flow, didn’t try to hold her back, and helped her grow on the air within the business knowledge wise.

The advice Marissa would give people who would like to work in this particular field is, “be ready to give 1000% and give more if you can. Do what you can to stand out, work hard even when you’re out of work and when you get knocked down, don’t give up. Stand up taller and let it make you stronger.”