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Jessica Rose: A Radio Calling

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By: Elandra Fernandez

From birth, one’s path to obtaining their true purpose lies in subliminal omens that occur through their lifetime. As it pertains to Jessica Rose, her first few omens occurred while she was stuck in L.A. traffic. She frequently found herself consciously imitating personalities that she heard on the radio. As well as playing the role of an announcer for billboards on the side of the road. It can be said that the little omens that occurred in Jessica’s early life made her successful career in radio come to fruition.

Jessica Rose was born and raised in California but currently resides off the strip in Las Vegas. She works for MIX 94.1 (HOT AC) and Q100.5 (Rhythmic AC.) She loves to laugh, crack jokes, and have a great time. Jessica brings more than enough to the table, an open mind filled with funny experiences, common sense, street knowledge and professionalism. She would describe herself as supportive, a team player, hardworking, and caring. Jessica is also driven by energy, the result, and ambition.

What led Jessica Rose to a career in radio was a calling. She was directed down a pathway that was exhilarating. Her first semester of college is what changed her life completely. Her professor Tammy Trujillo saw something in Jessica and suggested she should check out a school that specializes in radio broadcasting. During her college years, she interned for a record label and landed her first on-air gig on radio overnights on KOLA 99.9 in Redlands, CA. After a few years, she put together an air check and began sending it out. Jessica received one call back and the next thing you know, she was being flown out to Wichita, Kansas.

Jessica Rose is a risk taker, she went off the air for almost 10 years. Last year she decided to leave a secure full-time job to make herself completely available to her first love, radio.

When asked, what is it about your industry that keeps you wanting to do it for a living? Jessica eagerly responded, “it’s the human contact that makes me want to keep doing it for a living. Connecting with people and being welcomed into their lives, creating positive change and being there when they need someone the most.”

The people that impacted Jessica the most is her professor Tammy Trujillo who pointed her in the right direction and provided a support system that allowed her to consistently progress. Also, her P.D. J. Love opened the door to radio for her and kept her on-air presentation versatile.

The advice Jessica would like to give people who would like to work in her particular field is to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable, hone your craft, SHADOW, listen to all the stations in your market, their personalities, the voiceovers, and also familiarize yourself with the equipment, use it and never stop asking questions.”

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