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Honey German: Hustling to the Top

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Written By: Alyssa Kay

The practice of authenticity in the words of Honey German is not to try and be the “next” anybody. “All those who are the GREATS are unique and they’re themselves. Be yourself, live your purpose and kill it.”

Born in Harlem and raised between uptown Manhattan and Long Island New York; Honey German works at one of the most prominent stations in the country, (also home to the famous morning show “The Breakfast Club”) Power 105.1. She is an on-air personality, a music coordinator, as well as Power 105.1's digital content manager.

Growing up in the city of famous hustlers such as Jay Z, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, and Cardi B; German utilized those skills to kick off her career in the radio industry. “I’ve always loved radio, social media, and celebrity news. But I was only fully able to develop my passion for radio/media while working as a Civil Litigation Paralegal.” German utilized her hustle to finance her dreams to work in the radio and entertainment industry. It allowed her to create her stepping stones in building her brand, she created her own website, launch a radio show and travel.

With all successes come obstacles, such as breaking through in the industry and lack of job opportunities. “I think one major challenge we can all agree on is that there are not enough jobs in radio when it comes on-air jobs and there never will be.  We only have so many shifts in a day and countless talented and eager people wanting to land an on-air job. It’s far from easy and requires tons of patience and hard work.  You will probably land 1% of the jobs you apply for.”  

But German did not let that stop her ambition. She continued to push and persevered to fulfill her dreams. Although not yet reaching her ultimate career goal of being a Program Director for a major market company, German believes she is graciously leaving her mark in the radio and entertainment industry.

“It’s a fun environment filled with music, news and most importantly a place where your voice can be heard in more than one way. Whether it be working with digital, on air or in my position as Music Coordinator, my voice is always heard and I am always giving my input. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing that your thoughts are respected and your opinions count, it makes a difference,” says German.

German has given back to the community that helped her develop the hustle and grind that got her in a top stop in the industry. Assisting in shaping future multi-media journalists, “I actively work with 4 station interns every single semester showing them everything I know when it comes to working with a major media company. radio, digital and social media.”

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