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Amy Pontes: Finding the Destiny Within the Journey

Amy Pontes.JPG

By: Elandra Fernandez

When tenacity meets purpose, it leads us to a career path that’s similar to Amy Pontes.

Amy Pontes is kind, loving and patient. She is from Rhode Island and currently resides there. She works for Cumulus Media's,  WWLI, Lite Rock 105.

What led Amy to a career in radio was the love she had for it when she was a little girl. She pretended to be a radio DJ, taped herself introducing songs, doing radio bits, and even had special guests.

When asked what’s the best thing about being in radio, she eagerly responded, “meeting new people and sharing stories of my personal life that may resonate with my listeners to help them or make them smile.”

Outside of radio, Amy is a part of an improv comedy group, she works out every morning, she loves being outside, and is also a 'taxi driver' for her kids.

Obstacles that Amy had to face while in her career in radio was with a male co-worker who told her there were no “broads in broadcasting.” Amy instantly laughed in his face, but she also felt as if she was trying to break into a “man’s world” but in all actuality, she believes that the radio industry is run by both men and women who have a passion for the industry and always striving to make it better for the listeners.

The advice Amy would like to give people who would love to work in her particular field is to TRY EVERYTHING! Get your hands on equipment and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Amy Pontes loves what she does and always try to go hard with her work, the feedback that she gets from others makes her strive to do better every single day.

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