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Brianna Williams: Persistence Wins

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Written By: Sam Comparone

Brianna Williams is an enthusiastic and talented on-air personality, who has been working in the radio industry since 2012.  In her 6th year of working in the radio industry, she is passionate as ever about her profession.

Brianna is one of many women who aspire to empower and support other women, not only in the radio industry but in society as a whole. The radio industry continues to provide a rewarding experience for Ms. Williams, and on top of that, she has so much fun!

Brianna had an interest in radio for years prior to being on-air. She began her career by interning in the promotions department and she would sit in on some of the shows. She knew then and there that she had to pursue radio. As a music lover, there’s nothing like playing the listener's requests!  

When asked if she thinks men and women are treated differently in the industry, she said, "They most definitely do. I want all women to break the mold! From the way of thinking, to the pay. We should be treated equally as men”.

Her best advice is to practice and have others critique your work. Constructive criticism is so important towards advancing in any industry, but especially in radio/ media. Williams also stresses the importance of being one’s true self. Williams offered advice to other women wanting to pursue a career in the radio field. “Don’t give up! There have been plenty of times where I've said ‘you know what I'm not where I'm supposed to be so I'm just going to quit’, and I"m glad I didn't. This industry is not easy but as long as you stay focused, practice like crazy and network, you will be just fine.”

A woman in the industry who inspires Brianna is Karen Vaughn, a radio colleague based in Philadelphia. Vaughn taught Williams to never give up, and because of William’s persistence, she now has her own radio show!

If you work hard doors will open, and Brianna is exemplary proof of that.

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