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Amy Reed: Be Passionate, Be Valuable, and Be Yourself!

By:Maya Perry

"Music obsessed, bare minimum adventure seeker, workoutter, always hungry, and I read.  "

When asked what Amy believes her brand is, she simply states “realness”.

In radio, most personalities describe themselves as voice actors or characters but Amy Reed chooses to not play any roles when it comes to radio. “I don’t lie about who I am or what I like/want/ do and it’s because that’s what I want to hear on the radio.”

Amy began school studying social work / psychology and didn’t enjoy it. A critical life crisis eventually led Amy to radio. Amy decided to go back to school, attending a community college in which she majored in Communications. After joining and volunteering at student radio station “Z889”, she was promoted to a paid position of student employee and her career in radio began. She started in 2012 as Mornings and Middays on Live 95.9 in Pittsfield, then moved to Mornings on Eagle 97.7 in Delaware and then progressed and promoted to APD/Middays on Q93.5 in Columbia, SC. Amy currently works for Country Music Station in the North Carolina Triad Area.

As stated in the beginning, Amy enjoys working out, reading and eating in her spare time. She also has her own podcast “AmyMCR” and online blog called “Off the Mic”. One of Amy’s motto’s is to be happy. No matter the situation, “A positive mindset is so much more beneficial to your life. Get excited for the challenge, find the opportunity.” Amy’s shares her positivity and light among anyone she encounters.

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