Georgette Pierre: Fight Through Your Fears and Thoughts

By: Tyrisha Irwin

Focused. Determined. Fierce. Phenomenal woman. These are the words to describe D.C. native, Georgette Pierre.

Now, an On-Air personality for 99Jamz Miami, Georgette Pierre is concentrating on making major moves in the radio industry. From being her own boss to producing films and writing a book or two, Pierre wants the best of both worlds. Although she has been actively involved with radio for several years, she didn’t always know she had a talent for radio, especially when she had a passion for multiple areas.

“My mind was on so many different things. My interests ranged from wanting to be a fashion designer, a record label executive, an actor, an A&R rep.”

Out of curiosity and other suggestions, Pierre auditioned for Norfolk State University’s on campus radio station WNSB 91.1 FM. To her dismay, she unlocked a gift and opened the door to fulfilling her purpose. “I could no longer hide from my deep voice and knew being behind a microphone was part of my destiny, whether I liked it or not.”

Pierre bases her hard-working, strong willed personality on 5 words: “Sick and tired of complacency.” However, she admits that her past experiences molded her into who she is today in her career. “Transitioning to any place outside of the gritty had its challenges but the experience most definitely prepared me for the work I’m doing now and for future goals as well.”

Aware that many women are voicing their opinions in the media, Georgette Pierre still hopes that more women including women of color will continue to thrive in the media industry. “Seeing other women of color and people of color in general vocalize their challenges, triumphs, or accomplishments makes my own experiences feel real. I hope more people from diverse ethnic backgrounds continue to use their platforms to shine light and even challenge the status quo in whatever that may be.”

Even though it seems that Pierre is living her best life, she has faced obstacles throughout her career including her recent move to a city she isn’t accustomed to. “My current transition has been challenging for me. I took an $80,000 pay cut for a part time job in a new city. I’ve struggled emotionally and mentally to get a footing while reminding myself of the bigger picture. In full transparency, I’m still in transition but I know and feel like I’m closer to my goals since I finally took the leap to become a radio personality as a career.”

Regardless of her challenges, Pierre continues to amaze others with her positivity and wisdom by offering advice for any aspiring radio personalities. She urges her listeners to always remember to believe in themselves and to establish a strong support system.

“Just do it and don’t take no for answer. Fight through your fears AND doubts. They will come. They will try to stay. Let them pass. Look for mentors along the way. They come in different voices, industries, but you need them. You don’t get to where you’re going alone.”