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Janis Mavis: Radio Is My Passion!

Written by: Maya Perry

Janis Mavis a published author, entrepreneur, creative writer, motivational speaker and Radio host all in one. As the host of The Artist Lounge on WMEL Radio, Janis highlights and showcase authors, recording artists, musicians, song-writers, and entertainers globally.  Janis like all women in radio loves what she does! “I feel the passion in my soul and from others as well. I am constantly sharing information about my show, receiving compliments when I broadcast from my audience, fans, business associates, and social media posts” Isn’t that the art of our industry? The importance of sharing information and receiving feedback from the audience. 

In 2014, Janis Mavis was requested to become a temporary co-host "In the Author's Corner Blog Talk Radio" with FoundersEtienne Gibbs & April Thomas of the Virgin Islands. Being new to the radio media industry with no training as a host, Janis was very nervous. Janis remembers “I wanted to become a radio host. I dreamed about it! I felt it! I desired it! It is my passion! The proper guidance, expertise, on air experience provided me the necessary radio broadcasting training to move forward.” Shortly after, Janis was introduced to a formal WMEL Radio Family to Gamel Djmel Moore who was former Engineer & Producer. Janis states that Gamel Djmel Moore said “go for it Janis" and if she needed his assistance, he would be there for her. Janis continues by saying “Immediately, I create an on air radio script, contacting local and out of state Authors to be a guest on my show. November of 2015, I launched my very first solo show as a radio host of The Author's Corner.” 

Janis wishes she could have started in the radio media entertainment industry sooner. She pronounces “However; I am here to stay! Grounded! Exhaling! Thankful! Constantly developing new ideas and researching daily.” When asked what she would tell her younger self, Janis states “Continue to strive and grind daily. Constantly create new ideas regarding your show and its entertainment platform. Attend radio media events and concerts, network with other fellow radio host personalities globally.”