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Beasy Baybie: Radio Is A Crazy Love Affair!

Written by: Maya Perry

“Radio is a crazy love affair! If you’ve been bitten you know it. You’re loving an industry that will likely hurt your feelings over and over again…..but you can’t let go. We’ve all been there, and as a woman in radio it’s even more difficult.” Beasy Baybie is queen of afternoons at Hot 103.9/ 93.9  in South Carolina who  takes pride in balancing being a mom, a leader in hercommunity, a force in the media, and someone positive in this world.

Beasy Baybie describes her journey into radio. “I had just moved to Charlotte, NC with three of my daughters. I had been out of prison for about a year and Charlotte was to be my fresh start. I was attending classes at CPCC and seeking employment. I had made some really bad decisions leading up to that point and wanted to do things right with this second chance at life. So, I was praying and waiting on God to show me what was next. One morning on my way to drop my daughters off at school I was looking for a radio station. I didn’t know much about Charlotte so I was pretty much just figuring it all out. While flipping through the stations I came across a station that was clear and the man on the radio said “Do you think you have what it takes to be the next on air star? Call us……” and so I did. BJ MURPHY interviewed me in September of 2012 and then gave me an opportunity to be an intern at WGIV The Soul of Charlotte (now known as STREETZ 103.3). I was a convicted felon, still on parole, with only a GED; I took what I could get to get in the door. During this time, I was a victim of domestic violence and was almost killed by my husband. Leaving him put me in a crunch financially. Now, I wasn’t paid as an intern so I had to become a sales rep in order to make money to provide for my family. Over the next few months, I became one of the top sales reps at the station. I was also offered the opportunity to join The BJ Murphy Morning Show as the Executive Producer and Co-Host. I stayed with WGIV 103.3 for a year before moving on to HOT 103.9fm Columbia, SC; I was hired as a “part time” on air talent covering the Midday shift in September 2013.” Her undeniable gift and love for radio led her ultimate destiny. 

She defines how she created her radio name. “I actually got the nickname “Beasy” from a friend years before I got into radio. I was a bit of a wild one and he would always tell me to “Be Easy” and then began calling me that. Eventually, many people did and it just became my nickname. Then when I first created a Facebook page I had to come up with a “last name”. I had a friend whom I got really close with while I was incarcerated and her nickname was “baybee”. As I was creating the Facebook page I thought hmmmm “Beasy Baybie” yup that works lol. A few years later I got into radio and it only made sense to keep the name. My brand is ME, no more no less. I was Beasy in Reading, Pa. I was Beasy in Muncy State correctional Institution. I was Beasy in Kintock Halfway House in Philadelphia and I’ll be Beasy when I’m laid to rest. I think it’s REALLY important to give people who you are, organically! You don’t have an “image” to keep up or a lie to protect. Being you is effortless, and easy, and people respect it more. Sharing the highs and lows of life with those who are watching you is important and lets people know that they are not alone in their trials.”

We concluded interview with some helpful Beasy Baybie tips for future women in radio:

1. Work on relationships. Go to the radio conferences and festivals. Show up at the awards shows--even if you’re not covering them. Make your presence known in every room. From the door person to the producer behind the scenes, shake every hand and introduce yourself. Relationships are EVERYTHING in this industry. Make sure they know who you are.

2. Don’t get discouraged!! There aren’t a lot of openings in radio, and when one opens there are more applicants than you can imagine. If you don’t get the job, it’s not for you!!! God has a way of protecting us from what we think we want. When it’s your time, it’s your time. Be patient and keep working on YOU while you wait.

3. DO MORE THAN YOU’RE PAID FOR!!! Be an asset to the company, but always remember that ultimately you’re working for YOURSELF!!! The more you know, the more you do, the more opportunities you create for YOURSELF and it pleases the company that they have someone like you on the team! KEEP LEARNING: everyone has more than one job in radio today - don’t be the radio girl who only knows how to talk on the radio! Leave every job better than when you started; and make your spot hard to fill.


5. REMEMBER YOUR “WHY”. If you don’t know what your WHY is figure it out. PURPOSE will keep you going when all else fails.

6. Find a mentor or 5 (you’ll need them)

7. Be confident!