Elizabeth Coombs: Intern Turns Into Radio Mastermind

 By: Tyrisha Irwin

Elizabeth Coombs, also known as “Beth” has conquered the world of radio out of unwavering focus, drive and passion. The Brooklyn wife and mother of three credits her experience to “persistence, luck and a lotta learning.” Although her interests include stand up comedy and improvisation, she confesses to not being the most experienced radio host.

Her first job was as an intern for one of the smallest radio groups in New York. She lacked the radio experience and suffered from age differences. However, her heightened level of maturity worked for her benefit and jump started her career. The operating manager of 92.7 FM The Drive, Utica-Arjuna Broadcasting allowed Coombs to produce and air a Public Relations show for 30 minutes every Sunday.

After 5 months, she joined a radio station with her husband where she worked as news director and a co-host for the morning news talk show. Not too long after, she was hired by Lite 98.7 as a part of the “Beth & Dave in The Morning” show.  The couple discusses a variety of topics ranging from odd things that make them cry to small town eats like sushi burritos.Although Beth has no problem letting loose on air, she does have some professional goals that motivate her everyday to keep moving forward.

Professionally, Coombs hopes to continue to grow as a woman and a radio host. To her, a hunger of learning is essential for success, “If you're not curious about every single aspect of the business, you're doing it wrong.” Beth always says, “I want to learn all the things!” She aims to get better at as many featuresof radio as she can in hopes that she can influence others.

Elizabeth Coombs has a desire to use her career as an opportunity to positively impact those around her, “I’d like to find new ways to leverage my position to benefit my community and women as a whole. There can never be enough voices empowering and cheering on women.” She even sees herself using her sense of humor and possibly trying stand-up comedy to support women all over the world.

Her advice to any upcoming radio personalities is this: “Never ever think it’s too late to follow your passion. Your path might be different than you imagined, but a path still exists.” She also urged women to always be willing to help others because if you’re apart of team then “act like it” because “people will be jerks here and there, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk in response.” Her closing remarks were as follows: “You can do this! It comes down to how consistently you’re willing to work for it. Believe in yourself.”

Elizabeth Coombs has proven that hard work, passion and faith are keys to success and following your dreams. Although her career journey flourished at a time that some would consider as “late,” she has set her mark in journalism. She has shown that regardless of age or experience, women can accomplish anything they put their minds and hearts to.