Shilynne Cole: A Platform is Nothing Without People

 By: Maya Perry

Shilynne Cole is programmer and personality with over two decades of experience in three radio formats. Shilynne, whom goes by her given middle name, is a proficient multifaceted personality who is open to learning new things and displaysawillingness and eagerness to adjust to the ever-changing radio industry.

Shilynne wanted to be in radio and television for as long as she can remember, but she had established an obsession with music and radio from a young age. At 10 years old, hermotherbought one of those small old school transistor radios and she would listen to it continuously. Her plan was to major in Broadcast Journalism, but do television first.

Her high school principal gave her introduction into radio.In her senior year of high school, she was the president of the Student Government Association and one of her duties was to read the announcements over the P.A. system every morning. One morning, her principal stopped her on the way out and said, “You know, you really have a great voice. You should consider going into radio.” That was her confirmation that this was her life’s purpose.

She went on to do internships at three different radio formats including Gospel radio and Public radio before she graduated from college. She began her first radio job immediately after graduation at the Gospel radio station she had previously interned with. Shilynne continues to share her spirit and electrifying voice during her show “The Afternoon Drive” on the #1 R&B and Old School station where she is currently program director.

When asked what Shilynne believes her brand is, she simply states, “I’ve never really thought about myself as being a brand. I guess that being my authentic self, both on air and off air is what’s most important to me. My purpose in radio kind of mirrors my purpose in life, which is to help…whatever form that help takes. Shilynne concludes her interview by giving advice to her younger self and other inspiring, upcoming women in radio by stating “….. you are not what has happened to you. You are NOT what people think you are. You are what GOD says you are. You are greater than any opposition that comes against you.”

“Be coachable. Be flexible. Be fearless.”- Shilynne, 2019