Roxie: From Mix Show to Morning Show

 By: Maya Perry

Raquel “Roxie” Wadelington is a bubbly, passionate and assertive young woman who has taken over mornings as the first lady of the 3LiveCrew Morning show in NC. “Roxie” was a nickname given by mentor in the radio industry and she loves it!

Roxie started as an intern in 2007 at radio station while attending school and worked her way to into morning radio. She explains doing any and everything asked to do from filling in at remotes to picking up trash at station events. She began working on mix shows and filling in for on air shifts as well. Roxie describes her purpose in radio by stating, “Whenever someone says listening to me in the morning puts them in better spirits, uplifts them, or in some way brightens their day, my purpose is reconfirmed. That purpose is to spread light, love, and laughter and help people start each day as positively as possible.”

When asked what she would tell her younger self, she states “Be yourself. You don’t have to be anyone else and you don’t have to try and please people. Be who you are and you will always win; people who like you will love you for you, and people who don’t like you will at least respect your authenticity.” She grew up idolizing women in radio who displayed their very relateable personality and she is eager to continue those traits to the listeners she inspires every day.

Roxie is a mother and wife who exudes the significance of being able to be a family oriented individual in this ever changing media environment. She concludes our conversation by affirming, “Don’t compromise and don’t pretend. If you front long enough, it will get old, so save yourself the trouble and keep it real from the jump.”