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DJ Ena Pop: Ladies First

Written by: Maya Perry

Dj Ena Pop is an outspoken go getter who has crowd control and can rock any party. Female dj’s are the minority in the media industry. Dj Ena Pop walks in every room with her head high, not her nose - while leading with integrity, dignity and respect. She makes her work speak for itself rather than the name.

“Ena Pop was a nickname given to me by a childhood friend. Everyone started to call me this. So naturally, when my mother bragged to everyone we knew that I was going to become a DJ, everyone just called me Dj EnaPop.” She explains that she wanted to go by DjLady V because her given last name is Valiente which means brave, and she felt brave by going after this dream. But now, she says her brand is her name and it represents overcoming all fears and doubt. The purpose is to show the world that the dope sound you're hearing through your speaker is being controlled by a woman.

DJ Ena Pop explains her big break in radio. “One day, Dj J Flex who is the Mix Show Coordinator called me and told me that my name was brought up in their music meeting. Shook by his question, I asked him Why? About what? He said the Program Director asked if you were ready to be on air. And Flex responded yes. So they put me on the very next Mix squad weekend and the rest is history.”

There’s a lesson to be learned from DJ Ena Pop’s story: “Sometimes your name is in rooms that you haven’t walked in yet.” You have to continue to perfect your craft and someone will notice your talent and hard work. When asked what she would tell her younger self, Dj Ena concludes by saying, “I would tell myself that it's not going to get any easier until you go for it. Don't be scared you got this kiddo.”

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