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Tradia With The Tea: Try, Try Again

By: Maya Perry

“Tradia with the Tea” is the self-proclaimed Radio girl of Beauty and Tea! Tradia describes, “On a daily, I give my listeners a daily dose of celebrity news and entertainment while keeping it sexy! I found my purpose early in life! While in college, I was always talkative and I learned people were very interested in what I had to say. I believe my purpose for radio was in me, way before I tapped into it. It’s a natural thing.”

Tradia got her start in radio a year after she graduated from South Carolina State University. Streetz 103.3 posted an internship flyer on their social media page and she applied. Even though she was  fresh out of college and worried they wouldn't consider her, ultimately they gave her a chance and she’s been serving tea ever since.

She explains the creation of her on air name in a funny story.““Tradia with the Tea" kind of grew on me. I went by two names before actually sticking with my name now. Before I got in radio, I went by "The Only Tradia". Shortly after, I was promoted to be a co-host on middays and "The Only Tradia" didn't flow with liners and drops for our show. I had a daily segment on the radio where I dished the latest celebrity news and entertainment and that segment was called "Tradia with the tea".She states that once that name caught buzz around the city, people seem to automatically call her "Tradia with the tea". Ultimately the listeners actually made her stick to name.

Tradia credits persistence and consistency in her current success in radio. She lives by the late and great R&B icon Aaliyah’s quote "If at first you don't succeed, Dust yourself off and try again." This has been something Tradia exudes in her work and on air growth. When asked what she would like to tell her younger self, she expresses, “I would tell her to continue the journey, no matter how hard it gets because better days come! And to stay focus on the end goal. Never lose sight of who you are and what you want to accomplish in life!”