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Ayeeedubb: Don't Be So Afraid - Do It!

Written by: Maya Perry

 Ayeeedubb (aye-dub) is a fun, unique, and creative personality who is taking the radio world by storm!  Ayeeedubb tells a short story on how she came up with her on air name. “My first name is Alexandra, so there is the "ayeeee" part and my last name is Wurst, so the "dub" part. The way it is typed, I just think it looks the best that way. I have not went by any other on air talent name.”

She originally wanted to be a guidance counselor or social worker to help people. But her bright personality and spirit is now lightening up your days on the airwaves.  Ayeeedubb remembers “I had a listener that ended up in a juvenile center and she told me one of the other people in there had a radio and would always listen to the station I was on and she said it made her feel better to just hear me and I had her laughing and just an overall feel good type of feeling and THAT is my purpose for radio.”

Ayeeedubb got her start in radio by being an intern for the hip hop station in Charlotte, Streetz 103.3. “My internship was during my final semester before graduation. I was hustling between classes, two part time jobs, and my college was about an hour away from the radio station. I was busting my tail trying to make it all work! Once I graduated, they called me and offered me a part time on-air and board op position.” She moved to Charlotte with her sister and worked as a part timer while working another job to pay bills. After working part time for three years, Ayeeedubb got her first full time position in Indiana June 2018.

You can now catch Ayeeedubb rocking out nights on Jamz 96.3 in Albany, NY. 

When asked what advice she would tell to aspiring women in radio, she states “my advice for aspiring women in radio is something that my old 7th grade math teacher always said. “People don't remember how you start, but how you finish" So, you can sound messed up, jacked up, have a few slip ups on air, etc. It’s all okay, no one is going to remember those things. As the years go by, you'll get better and you'll definitely improve and you'll be flawless in the radio game. And THAT'S how people will remember you.  I remember being scared to say things or nervous to try new things. If I can move away from family and kill this radio thing and living by myself thing, then honey, I can legit do ANYTHING. ”