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Jhas : Work Hard, Be Transparent, Exercise Humility

Written By: Maya Perry

Jhas is a transparent and authentic media personality who found her purpose in radio after several missteps that proved to be ordered by God in the first place. In fact, She explains after she left college, with only a part-time job offer, she still wasn’t sold that radio was the path. It wasn’t until Jhas took a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. This planfailed, she returned home, with the fret of starting over. This mishap lead her back into radio to discover that it was where she ultimately was meant to be all along. 

Jhas wanted to be an actress but didn’t realize that radio was her true calling. Most of us find our love for radio almost instantaneously but Radio had to be revealed in the life of Jhas. Jhas states “Like most people, I got started in college radio. But UNLIKE most people, I didn’t stay in college long enough to get my degree. This is why any success I have, I attribute only to Jesus. I actually failed OUT of my radio course twice and would have been booted out of the program entirely had it not been for God’s favor and a programming director who just liked something about my on-air presence.” Jhas describes herself as being incredibly flighty in college. She chose to go to a casting call in New York instead of a mandatory college radio meeting and was fired from the station. She states that “If you are unsure of your path… don’t trip, it will all work out. I promise.”

One thing she would tell her younger self is “it would be to trust the process. I’d stress the importance of not letting the internet or the timelines of others rush me. But I’d also encourage myself to continue to work hard. Because I wasn’t sure which direction I was going in, does not mean that I wasn’t running full-force in those directions. Being uncertain is never an excuse to not give things your BEST try. Passionate pursuit is a beautiful thing because even in your missteps, you stand the chance of landing exactly where you were meant to.” Sometimes we try to create plans for our own journey but destiny always wins. 

Jhas is currently a morning show host and freelance writer for Essence Mag and Rantt Media. When ask what she would tell upcoming women in radio is that “While you are doing the hard work, be sure you are doing the heart work. If you let your talent take you places that your character can’t keep you, you will not remain there for long. Growth in your career and growth as a person must run concurrently. And please be gentle with yourself while you grow in both facets.”