YaYa Love: Radio Is For the Community

Written by: Maya Perry

YaYa Love is social ambassador and radio influencer. As the promotions director over three different formats, Yaya Love is always on the go and coordinating different station promotional campaigns from street events to major concerts. 

YaYa Love adopted the radio nickname after a family friend began calling her “Yaya”.  “My real name, Yanira, is hard for some people to announce and remember, so I wanted something fun and catchy. When it was time for me to choose a name “Yaya Love” came to me naturally.” Yaya Love explains she was bit by the radio bug early. “When I was 17 years old, the owner of the only Spanish radio station in Jacksonville, saw me performing with my band. He loved my energy and charisma on stage and asked me if I wanted to have my own radio show. I was a senior in high school so he gave me my own morning weekend show called” El Show de los Hangovers” and I’ve been in radio since!” 

Yaya Love describes her brand as being the face and voice of the community. She states “I love connecting people of different backgrounds and industry to come together for a great cause. If we think back on the history of Radio Broadcasting, radio was the only way people would be connected with what’s going on in their city. It was their entertainment. I want to remind people that Radio Broadcasting is for the community!”

She is an active Promotions Director for 93.3 THE BEAT, V 101.5, and RUMBA 106.9 in Jacksonville, FL. While concluding the interview, I asked Yaya Love what she would like to express to the her younger self and upcoming women in radio and she states, “You’re going to hit many lows in this career but don’t give up because the struggle you’ll go through, will prepare you for your dream job as the Promotions Director for the Urban and Latin Stations! Don’t be afraid to learn every aspect of this industry! The more you learn about how to run a radio station, the better you’ll be at your job even if it’s a department you’ll never work in.”