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Kathia Woods: Overcoming the Obstacles

Written By: Dymin Cannon

There are people who complain, and there are people who make a difference. When it comes down to overcoming obstacles, Kathia Woods is undefeated. 

Born in Germany with a Brazilian background. At the tender age of 11, Woods moved to the United States. While she had the ability to speak English, this transition proved to be a hard one for her. That life changing experience taught her that she could overcome anything. Today she is currently living on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennysalvania in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. 

Ambitious, caring, funny and passionate are just some of the qualities Woods possesses that molded her into the woman she is today.  

What led Woods to a career in radio is her love for speaking to people. She felt that there was a void in radio that allowed you to speak to interesting “folks” while playing non-mainstream music. For more than four years, Woods has been a Radio Host and Producer for PC Radio Live. PC Radio Live is an independent black owned station. The company has only been in existence less than 10 years. 

 “We are an independent brand on a black own independent outlet so folks think that's somehow inferior however we have interviewed some of the folks that bigger outlets have. At times it's an advantage because we don't place as many restrictions,” says Woods when asked about PC Radio. Her goals for the brand is to continue growing and connecting with more listeners

“I love discovering new artists or highlighting great creatives. Just because they aren't famous yet doesn’t mean that their journey isn't worth examining,” Woods says. 

 The advice she would give to anymore wanting to pursue a career in radio is to start small. By starting small, she means working at a community station whether it is on the internet, highschool or even college. Next, find someone to mentor you and help connect with as many people as possible. 

“Also, you are never too old to jump in the game. I'm 48 years old and I am having a blast.”



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