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Hannah On-Air: From Promotions to The Microphone

By: Elandra Fernandez

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do,” and Hannah loves what she does

Hannah was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She moved away when she was 18, but after 10 years in Milwaukee, she is back in Green Bay and couldn’t be any more happier.

Hannah currently works for Midwest Communication and is the afternoon drive host on Y100. She always knew she wanted to have a career that involved music. But, her career in radio began through a college friend who had an internship at a local radio cluster. After seeing her friend in action, Hannah realized that radio could be a possibility.

As a little girl, Hannah would sit at her stereo almost every single night, recording her favorite songs on a cassette tape but never knew that radio would be where she would end up. She was in radio for almost five years before she ever touched a mic or went on-air. She started in the promotions department, moved to sales, then started doing graphic design and marketing. Knowing what it takes to be in radio, led her to be the best on-air personality she could be.

When asked, what is the best thing about being in radio, Hannah responded,“being able to connect with the listeners. It is an amazing feeling when you get a message or meet someone in person who says that you helped them feel better on a crummy day.”

Realizing that this world is still a “boys club” pushed her to work harder to prove herself as valuable.

“Being able to wake up every single day and enjoy the job I have is all the value in the world. I genuinely enjoy getting up and coming to work every day, I am so grateful to be so passionate about what I do.”

The advice that Hannah would give to anyone who would like to work in this particular field is to, get your foot in the door wherever you can. Do not get discouraged, everything happens for a reason.

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