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Jess Poxson: It's Never Too Late For Your Dreams

By: Samantha Comparone

Jessica Poxson has been working in the radio industry for 7 years. She loves what she does, and is very enthusiastic about it. Poxson loves working in radio, because she gets to make other peoples days by playing their favorite music or awarding tickets on-air!

Poxson is a firm believer that one is never too old to pursue his/her dreams. She decided to go into radio when her oldest son started elementary school and being a mom of two, she felt it was important to show her children that you’re never too old to follow your dreams. Poxson did what she set her mind to!  

“I decided to go into radio because I always wanted to be an entertainer in some aspect. Radio helped me to hone in on what kind of entertainer I wanted to be. I’ve always loved to sing and perform in local theater productions. I also love writing, music, and talk to and having fun with people. Radio encompasses all of those things that make me happy.”

A typical day for Poxson begins with kicking off her shift with current events happening in the country and around the world. She talks about what’s going on at her station and the contests lined up for the week. It’s never quite the same everyday. “There’s nothing like turning on the radio and turning up the music, and tuning in to someone who is connected to your city.”

Poxson offers a lot of advice to incoming radio industry professionals. “Learn from the people who are doing what you want to do. Enjoy your radio career wherever you’re at in that career. Most importantly, stay humble. Also, keep your demo fresh and up to date. Always be ready for an opportunity when it comes your way.”  It is so important to be open-minded and patient in an industry like this one. It’s is so easy to get discouraged.

Poxson says one person who has always inspired and motivated me to be the best dj is Detroit radio vet, Kevin O’Neill. He’s given me so much advice and encouragement and to have a mentor like him in this industry is truly priceless.

When it comes to the treatment of men and women in the industry, Poxson understands that women face discrimination, not only in radio but in the general workforce as well. “ I have seen women break down the stigma that we’re just the giggly sidekick. That we can actually kick butt solo in any day-part. We should be paid the same as our male co workers. If Jess does the same work as Johnnie, Jess should make the same amount of pay as Johnnie.” The gender pay gap is still a huge issue, and it’s appalling how in today’s day and age women are still not getting paid as much as their male counterparts.

Poxson urges her audience to not give up on your dreams. She says, “Just get started and see those dreams through. Maybe the path to those dreams isn’t exactly how you pictured it, but you won’t regret trying and working towards what makes you happy in your career. Now buckle up and enjoy the ride of radio!”

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