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Bekah Berger: From Listener To Host

Written By: Sam Comparone

Like most of us, Bekah Berger experienced some trial and error when figuring out her career path, but when she first got behind the mic, she fell in love. “I cracked the mic, the on-air light went on and I was hooked”.

A typical day for Bekah starts bright and early to prep for her 6am - 10am slot, and then a midday show. She also maintains a prominent social media presence, which in itself is a task. Working in radio also give her the opportunity to enrich lives. “I also love awarding big prize items on-site. When someone finds out that they’re going to see Beyonce and Jay-Z that night, their reaction is priceless. When someone tells me what we did will better their lives in some way - you can’t beat that feeling.”

Berger wanted to pursue radio for many reasons, but a main reason being that everyday is different. You’re not doing the same work and because news and current events are both always evolving, so does radio.

She has always loved listening to the radio. “I called a morning show once to talk about the Friends finale in 2004.  That morning show is right across the hall from me now. My boss and some of my co-workers are people who have entertained me for years and now we park our cars in the same lot.”

Besides being on-air, Bekah is incredibly funny on social media. She has a winning personality, which is perfect for radio.

When asked what she thinks about people’s views of the radio industry, she said, “It frustrates me when people try to peg the radio industry up against other forms of media consumption.  Podcasts, streaming, social media…yet- we’re still here. It’s OK to co-exist.”

As a woman in radio for more than 10 years, she has a lot of advice for a person just starting out. “In the appropriate circumstance and environment-always say, ‘yes’ while interning or just starting out.  Every task asked of you is important. Make sure you introduce yourself to everyone and make sure your handshake is on point (no dead fish handshakes.) Get your foot in the door but don’t expect anything handed to you. Don’t burn bridges-a potential job could be one mutual contact away.” She emphasizes that networking in the industry isalso important.

The people in the industry who really motivate and inspire her are the ones constantly on their grind - doing IG live videos, club appearances, being present at station events, and substantial social media posts.

Bekah is proud to be a woman in radio and wears the Women In Radio t-shirt proudly! She loves to connect, so feel free to follow and connect with her on the following platforms: Instagram: @bekahberger Twitter: @bekahberger and Facebook: Bekah Berger.

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