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Delyte On-Air: The Sooner You Get Over Yourself, the Better.

By: Maya Perry

Adrienne Denise “Delyte” Wilson is a corky and talented on-air personality, who has been working in the radio industry for over two decades.  Formally known as “D Girl”, Delyte began her career in radio in 1993 while working as a waitress at Applebees’ across the street from the radio station.

Having dreams of pursuing a singing career, she built connections with volunteers and radio personalities via coupon giveaways that she walked across the street to share with her radio neighbors. Building a rapport with the personalities and PD at the time, Hitman Haze who took a liking to this single mother who had aspirations to be a singer. After a co-host slot on his show opened, D Girl came on as an intern and co-host for the night show.

After six months, Delyte began her radio career. When asked about her purpose in radio, Delyte responds “I don’t have a purpose in radio but I do have a purpose in this life. To be bold and say things that need to be said unconventionally.” Over her tenure in radio, she has worked in 5 different markets and 8 stations.

When she isn’t on air, she is continues to do voice-over work and enjoys horticulture. She has her own home garden, hence the name “The Gardenista”. Her strong voice and affectious laugh still continues to grace the airwaves in the North Carolina Triad Area where she has the #1 Midday Show in the Triad. “The faster you get over yourself, the better you will be and the faster you will grow.” –Delyte, 2019

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